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Fly ash brick project technology scheme introduction
Time:2012-11-14   Author:  Click:275

In the development of scientific concept, the state will raise fly ash management and utilization mentioned to the significant position in the recent year, all relevant units also have reinforced fly ash technology research and development, and have achieved some results. Making use of fly ash mixed ash autoclaved bricks not only large quantity and high quality product, meeting with the waste, saving soil, energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection etc main characteristic, is the management environment, the development of recycling economy important measures.

 My company leadership and scientific research personnel to seize the development opportunity, set up a fly ash products molding equipment research institute, professional research and development work. In the study summarizes the domestic and foreign forty years steam pressure, steam pressure fly ash brick production technology, based on the introduction, digestion, absorption Germany's most advanced equipment and technology, after many years of repeated test research, and successfully completed a "full automatic hydraulic fly ash brick press" the development work, the first table prototype trial by users and in henan province, building materials industrial products testing, various performance index reaches or exceeds the standard regulation, with home and abroad the same kind product comparison, structure and properties have greater degree of improvement and innovation, this product is put into market, will have huge economic benefits and social benefits, and the vast room for development.

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