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how to produce high quality hollow blocks
Time:2013-07-12   Author:  Click:309
With the increasing requirement of hollow blocks,there are more and more hollow blocks manufacturers.And how to increase sales and improve competitive advantage?The most important factor is the blocks quality.
1.Raw material of hollow blocks
To ensure that in the purchase of raw materials to purchase high-quality raw materials, and it is not desirable to reduce the cost to choose inferior material.
2.Raw material batching
The blocks plant must produce according to the recommend batching ratio by hollow blocks making machine supplier,so as to insure the quality of hollow blocks.
3.Paying attention to manufacturing process
Cement and additives is the essential material in hollow brick production process, and also has strict requirements. If cement added is too large, then the liquidity is very strong. But if the cement addition is too small, will cause quality problems. Raw water is also very important, especially if the cement slurry water is too small, it will be greatly affected the strength of raw materials, so we must control water strictly. In addition, we should also pay attention to special additives.In the production of raw materials, we should pay attention to temperature and moisture content of raw materials.
In a word,only by improving the quality of hollow blocks can we increase the sales,gain and dominate the market.
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