Fly ash brick machine

fly ash bricks machine  

Outstanding feature: 
 1, design reasonable, structure compact, realized directional vibration, frequency brake , and can put off power consumption timely, no need worker to feeding, great reduction labor intensity.
 2, Pressure from up to down, forced vibrating, especially suit for  high strength brick making, once forming can stack 3-5 layers.
 3, Multi-usage, with different mould can produce different specification brick.  

paving blocks,interlocking block 

 hydraulic brick making machine   


Fly ash brick machine with autoclave curing ,steam curing

fly ash brick making machine

fly ash brick machine with steam curing fly ash brick machine with autoclave curing

The curing principle as follow:
Lime-sand (fly ash) brick  is mainly rely on quick lime the effective CaO and sand of SiO2  0.8 Mpa above pressure with steam (174.5 ℃ above), under the condition to go on the thermal synthetic reaction. To create all kinds of silicate gel material, for the most part for hydrated calcium silicate and a small amount of magnesium silicate etc, with aggregate sand firmly cement together, forming a certain structure strength. In the above process after equipment pressure molding for high strength lime-sand (fly ash) brick.
The reaction process:
 CaO + H2O - Ca (OH) 2 + 15.5 kilocalorie (mixed YouTi bentonite)
 Ca (OH) 2 + SiO2 + (n-1) H2O 174.5 ℃ saturated steam
 CaO * SiO2 * nH2O (calcium silicate) 

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