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4-26 brick molding machine
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Main feature:
1、Reasonable design, impact structure, with less power to achieve strong vibration, automatic brick and greatly reduce labor intensity.
2、Upper and lower pressure, strong vibration, make the brck molding fast, high solid, and uniform.
3、Muti-usage, with different mould can produce different specification block.

Main technical parameters of brick molding machine:

Molding number 390x235x190 3 pcs/mould
390x190x190 4 pcs/mould
240x115x53 24 pcs/mould 
Forming period 26 seconds 
Main power 15KW
Theory daily production 3000-3500 pcs/day  (hollow brick )
23,000-26,000 pcs/day  (solid brick ) 
Pallet size  880×450×40mm
Total weight  3.2T
Overall dimension   3600×1700×2650mm
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