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Eco friendly fly ash advantages
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Fly ash brick machine is the main equipment to produce fly ash brick, fly ash autoclaved brick is fly ash or other slag or lime-sand as raw material, add lime, gypsum and aggregate, the embryo material preparation, pressing and molding, high efficiency steam curing technology process. Fly ash autoclaved brick production line equipment includes: mixer, digestion machine, steam pressure brick machine, roller mill, autoclave and other major equipment and box type feeder machine, screw conveyor, climb bucket, aggregate says, belt conveyor, maintenance, curing car etc equipments.
Fly ash autoclaved brick products features: because be adopted fly ash as main raw material, so environmental protection and saving land resource have positive significance, and this product has the characteristics of low coefficient of thermal conductivity, good thermal insulating properties, is a kind of energy-saving building materials, therefore, the development of fly ash aerated brick is green building materials, absolutely conforms to the strategy of sustainable development.
If Want to invest fly ash autoclaved brick, first look at the next market analysis. With the acceleration of urbanization speed, more and more people flooding in from the countryside, the city housing demand in successive years to growth spurt. At present our country architectural garbage is increasing year by year, in many big, middle city has harm to people's normal life. So, construction waste resources recycling has reached the point where it is. Nowadays the development and construction city housing industry gradually to the modern development, people on the quality and function of the wall material request more and higher, although at present the market supplies for all kinds of hollow block, but are limited to the product itself of process technology, equipment, and other factors, there are kinds of malpractice and congenital defect. So, urban construction, especially the middle building are in urgent need of a large number of high grade, high quality, multi-function quality new wall materials, this time fly ash autoclaved brick equipment is undoubtedly preferred. Due to the variety of available raw materials, construction waste recycling, not only realize the resources recycling, bring the huge profits, but also gave birth to a benign cycle of green products. Therefore, coal ash autoclaved brick equipment is prospect is good.
Fly ash autoclaved brick equipment development prospect analysis: China sintering solid clay brick is given priority to traditional building materials a large number of destroyed field earth, a waste of land resources, pollution the environment, therefore, in the urban construction forbids the use of solid clay brick is the national implementation of the strategy of sustainable development important decisions. With China's infrastructure construction and the vigorous development of housing industry, in order to fly ash autoclaved brick equipment as a representative of new wall materials production equipment has entered a rapid development period.
Because power plant investment fly ash brickyard can effectively realize their advantages in resources, cost and satisfy the demand of building materials market at that time. So, the company in energy-saving and emission reduction purposes, the production of baking-free brick machine can make use of fly ash brick, save costs and achieve the maximization of profit. At the same time the company of automatic hydraulic molding machine has a high degree of automation, pressing force, products of good quality, high output characteristics, have already become baking-free brick production line is the device of choice. The unburned brick making machine has a wide range of materials applicable ability, can use a variety of material preparation baking-free brick; This equipment has compact structure, pressing force big, strong rigidity, full seal dust, circulation lubrication, simple operation, high yield, durable characteristics. Feeding mechanism change, back to the wheel rotational position using the most advanced technology, the power is big, smooth operation, reach the designated position accurately, maintenance rate advantages.
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