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Automatic brick machine process can’t be ignored
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Now the brick making machine equipment is mostly using automatic brick technology, can reduce a lot of trouble among operation, only need to put the mixture raw material in the equipment feeding machine, they can even cloth, and then to the final molding and stacking, can complete automatic, not only reduce the operating personnel's labor, and also reduce the investment, are now one of the most popular investment equipment.
In order to make investment customers can better to operate  automatic brick making machine e, Zhengzhou Temin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd introduce brick making machine production line operation attentions, and we hope it is useful to customers:
1, When equipment production, be sure to well select mould, and regularly check the mold shape, size and its welding crack, to ensure the standardization of mold, because the production of brick material aggregate will cause to mold extrusion wear, if not regular check, can cause mold deformation, thus affecting the quality of molding bricks and specifications.
2, regular adjustment automatic brick making machine production line between each production unit of clearance, including the head and the mold core, head and skip all equipment distance, because the equipment production, vibration will occur, and long-term vibration can cause parts of small shift, so adjust clearance is inevitable.
3, in the daily change mould, must pay attention to whether the mould and equipment collision, knock against, in order to protect the mould and equipment, and to change down mould, clear mind clean save, do not use hammer blow and get rid of the cement residue, in order to avoid mold deformation.
4, regardless of equipment maintenance, or equipment production happens when the small fault, must cut off the power supply can be started to repair, in order to effectively guarantee the safety of operators.
5, every time before starting the equipment,certain go on a simple inspection, special attention, ater equipments truning on 3-5 minutes and then feeding.
Zhengzhou Temin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is specialized in the production of brick making machine and AAC block plant , the company strictly follows for each procedure, responsible for every piece of our product,is responsible for the quality principle, wholeheartedly for customer service. All products have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, reliable and stable quality make my company production and the comprehensive economic indicators in the forefront of the domestic industry, equipment users across all over the world
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