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Cement brick machine low invest, fast profit
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Cement brick is make use of slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, stone, cement etc as raw material, scientifically ratio, add water to mix, to make cement brick via high pressure of brick making machine, the products can be solid brick, hollow brick, or colorful tiles brick. The cement brick is low invest, fast profit, so far is the boom investment area to many investers.

The common cement brick dimension:
solid brick (standard brick) 240*115*55 mm
hollow brick (two-hole) 390*190*190 mm
hollow brick (four-hole) 390*190*190 mm
single-row hole block 390*120*190 mm
eight-hole brick 240*115*90 mm
seven brush cut brick 180*115*90 mm

Colorful brick and the general grassing brick specification as follow:
400*400 mm,400*200 mm,300*300 mm,600*400 mm,800*400 mm etc 

to the automatic paving brick machine

Road-edge brick specification as follow:
500*350*350 mm,1000*300*120 mm,500*500*200 mm,800*300*120 mm,600*500*300 mm etc

Standard hollow brick: 390mm×190mm×190mm、240mm×115mm×90mm、 240mm×115mm×53mm
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