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The knowledge of choose AAC plant
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The AAC is a kind of light weight and multi-hole new type construction material,so far AAC is widely used in keeping warm of bearing weight, non bearing weight construction and tiles  among industry and estate, the an important part of new types building material.

With the world development, the construction project has a great development, the base coonstrction nvestment is increased with time, need more and better construction material to adopt to the necessary of building project development. But among the building material,some old material make the building task exsit the shortcoming of old and large, low production capacity, long cycle, large weight of building etc, is large stumbing block of construction project development. So block building, large plate building especially light weight plate frame building system have a great development,among a large amout of new type building material coming,the AAC brick has a very key position.  

The necessary knowledge to chooose and purchase AAC plant.
AAC machinery is a complete set of equipment, is a production line, is different from clay brick machine and unburned brick machine.
The main raw material of AAC plant is fly ash, sand, slag, lime, and cement etc.
AAC plant takes a large area land, at least takes about 6000 ㎡
(should serious take consideration of land)
AAC plant need to invest lots of, many equipment parts among the whole production line.
The AAC plant is by cubic meter, not via piece.
To learn about the brick cost, after confirmation and then make a decision to invest.
AAC bricks invest high, and profit fast, but need to be serious when to invest, and choose a reliable and professional manufacturer, and combine with manufacturer business ability and  after-sales serviceb to make a decision, only from the aspects is relative perfect, can ensure the security of the investment.  

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