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AAC blocks advantages
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1.Light Weight
Aerated concrete density is usually 400-700kg/m3, (according the market in produce),
same as 1/3 of clay brick and 1/5 common concrete. So use the light brick can reduce the
weight of the build more, and also reduce the beam of roof and pillar press best. Save the material and cost.
2.Keeping Temperature, Heat Resistant, Fireproof
It has many porous, the delivery hearting coefficient is 0.1~0.20W/ (m·k), same as 1/4 or 1/5 of clay brick, so it is best materials now in the world. Also many kinds raw material, have lowest waste main material: coal ash sand wastes mine material coal stone, stone dust and other silicon materials.
3.High Intensity,Good Sound Insulation & Machinability
4.Conveniently Mechanized Construction
Capacity: From 50,000 cubic meters to 450,000 cubic meters per year.
Equipments: stocking raw materials, mixing, molding, forming, cutting, evaporating and
curing, crane cramp, separating, packing, transporting, and etc.
. Product weight is according to 600kg/m3 (adjustable).
. Annual capacity 50,000m3 ~ 450,000m3.
.Raw material proportion: cement 6.5%, lime 23%, fly ash 68%, gypsum 3%, aluminum paste powder 350g/m3.
.Water and material rate 0.631
. One mould product capacity 3.024m3(4.2m mould)
. Casting slurry cycle time 5~6 minutes, cut cycle time 5 minutes.
. Casting slurry temperature 38~42 degree
. Body quiet stop. Time is 1.5~2.5hours, temperature 50~90 degree, after quiet stop body strength is 0.15~0.18Mpa
. Steam curing cycle time, come in and out autoclave about 0.5hour, steam curing cycle time about is 6 hours/1.6Mpa, 6.5 hours totally

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