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what is aac block?
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what is aac block?
AAC block, for its weight is light, so many people called it light weight brick. AAC brick is mainly used as filling material in the building, can not bear high pressure. Let’s learn what’s AAC brick from two sides:
1: AAC block raw material
2: AAC block manufacturing principle
I. AAC block raw material function
1.Lime:Providing CaO to make reaction with SiO2  and AL203 of fly ash,to become CaO*SiO2 * nH2O and AL2O3*SiO2 * nH2O,to form the end products strength。
The lime also supply alkalinity, to promote aluminium gypsum reaction.
The quick lime will release energy, to improve the green brick  strength.
2. Sand:To reaction with CaO raw material,to improve the end product strength。The sand can also as aggregate, to reduce the concrete products contractibility. 
3. Cement:offer calcareous material, to increase the concrete strength.
The main function of  cement is make sure the pouring stable, speed up the green brick harden and plastic strength when cut.
4.Gypsum (adjust material):
①. avoid the cement to false set.
②.Control lime digestion, to make the process extend,and decrease its finally digestion temperature.
③.Attend aluminium powder below off reaction.
④.Improve green brick strength, to reduce contractibility.
AAC brick gypsum:two water gypsum and hard gypsum。So far most of enterprises use 
construction waste gypsum to instead of two mater gypsum.
5. Water:Addition water make sure every group slurry mixture uniform, to guarantee slurry casting and pouring successfully, and normal aerated and first molding, the water rate, will influence it, finally influence the material gas hole structure. Addition too much water, will 
make slurry too  watery, aluminum powder and Ca(OH)2 react fast, at the same time, will make time of the aerated concrete slurry molding longer, leading to aerated and molding process can not at the same time, making  slurry sink and boiling phenomenon, which damage the aerated concrete gas hole structure, influence the end products quality. Addition too little water, besides influenced mixing and casting, will also make the aerated process over earlier, molding too early, when serious will make slurry aerated failed, cause end product broken.
6. Foam stabilizer : the surface activity material, to reduce the surface tension. It has foaming ability and stable function.

II、AAC block manufacturing principle

The AAC block with fly ash, lime, and cement etc as main raw material, use aluminum powder as foamingagent,afterbatching,mixing, pouring, casting, cutting, and steam curing etc process, to be porous light weight construction material. Zhengzhou Temin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is the profession factory for the AAC plant, welcome to our factory to create good cooperated with each other. Our webste: www.brickmakingmachinetm.com. Our skype: temin_machinery

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