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aac blocks cost analysis
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If you plan to invest a AAC plant, maybe study many factors. AAC blocks cost is one of most important factors,after learn cost, combination with local market AAC blocks sales price, working out investment AAC plant profits, to make a reference for investment AAC plant. (RMB/m3)

 No.        Name  Ratio %  Qty(KG)  Unit price(RMB)  Total price (RMB)  Note 
1     Cement 3-9 20      
2    Lime 18-22 130       
3     Fly ash/sand  70-78 430       
4      Gypsum  1-3  5        
5    Aluminum powder  0.04-0.06  0.3      
6 Labor salary 10
7 Electricity 0.8 9.2
8 Steam gas 0.8 12.8
9 Sub price Based on your local raw material kinds and price to calculate AAC bricks costs.

 If need, you can tell us your local raw material price, our technical  department can help you to work out AAC blocks costs.

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