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fly ash brick machine with autoclave curing ,steam curing
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2012 year-end we made a summary for customers consulting common questions, one of parts is for fly ash steam curing bricks equipments.
When customers planned to invest AAC plant, did not learn very well for fly ash brick manufacturing process equipments. After learning and reference the same range company, forming the concept of steam curing brick equipment. Such as steam curing brick, AAC bricks needs to high temperature and pressure curing, with autoclave and boiler. Boiler applies to supply steam gas to autoclave. Autoclave is used to curing construction brick at high temperature and pressure, to make the raw material fully reaction.
Fly ash brick manufacturing process has 3 types of steam curing :
1、fly ash steam curing brick machine with steam curing  please click

fly ash brick machine with autoclave curing ,steam curing fly ash brick machine with autoclave curing ,steam curing

The standard or blind hole brick with press brick machine, were stacked and transported into autoclave to high temperature and pressure curing.
    The reaction process :
CaO+H2O—Ca(OH)2+15.5 Kcal(Mix YouTi bentonite)
Ca(OH) 2+ SiO2+(n-1)H2O   174.5℃ Saturated steam
CaO*SiO2 * nH2O(Calcium silicate)
This bricks apply to bear high pressure wall of multilayer mixed structure construction
2、fly ash light weight block machine with steam curing  please click

fly ash light weight brick machine with autoclave curing ,steam curing fly ash aac brick machine with autoclave curing ,steam curing

Aerated concrete blocks usually use fly ash (lime sand), lime and cement etc as raw materials, with aluminum powder as foaming agent. After batching, mixture mixing, pouring, foaming, cutting and autoclave curing etc manufacturing process, to be the light weight and porous building material.
This kinds of blocks apply to non-bear high pressure of high layers mixture construction, used to  wall filling materials.
3、Cement bricks

Cement bricks with steam curing is not many, as usually, cement bricks can up to requirements after natural dry. If the customers have a large quantity need, and want to reduce curing cycle, can adopt this kinds of steam curing way.

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