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aac block,AAC bricks
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aac block,AAC bricks,AAC block,aac bricks aac block,AAC bricks,AAC block,aac bricks
AAC blocks manufacturing principle:
AAC blocks is with siliceous material (lime and cement ) as raw material, after raw material pouring, foaming expansion, cutting curing etc manufacturing process, to manufacture light weight, keep temperature, and heat insulation new type building material. With a history of more than 60 years, for light weight, good heat preservation features, is widely adopting in industrial and civil construction. So far, is the most mature new model production and application technology building material.
AAC blocks advantages:
1.light weight, can reduce building weight and cost, in favor of improving building shock resistance.
As usual, AAC blocks density is 500-850 kg/m3,but up to 450kg/m, its weight just equal to 1/4 clay bricks, and 1/4 common bricks. Which is the ideal flight weight material for high layer, super high layer and large space building. With it can reduce building self-weight within 100 kg/m3, compared with traditional building material, the weight can reduce 3/5-2/3, to reduce construction cost.
Building material self- weight is light, can great improve building shock resistance.
2. Keep temperature, and heat insulation.
The density of 400-800 kg/m3aerated concrete blocks, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is between 0.08 kcal/m*h*kw.h and 015 kcal/m*h*kw.h, only 1/4-1/5 of the clay brick, and 1/5-1/10 of the common brick.
Just as wood, the AAC block can saw, plane, drill and nail, is good to construction, can field operation.
4.high compressive pressure
Based on lab, the AAC block compressive pressure is above 25kg/ c㎡,  just equal to No. 125 clay brick strength.
5. Heat insulation
When AAC blocks at the temperature below 600℃, its compressive strength will be increased, when at  600℃, its compressive strength is near to common temperature strength, so that the AAC blocks fire-proof can be reach to state level first standard.

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