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aerated concrete blocks
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Aerated concrete blocks is a kind of light weight and porous new type construction material. The AAC plant manufacture aerated concrete block with light weight, good heat preservation, sound insulation and workable etc advantages. Can make into wall block, keep temperature block, pressure panel, building panel and keep temperature pipe etc products. So far aerated concrete blocks is widely usage in industry and civil construction bear pressure and non-bear pressure, and pipe, become an important part of new type construction materials.
With the social development, construction engineering has a great development, basic construction investment increased year by year, need more and better construction material to meet the need of  construction engineering development. For the traditional building material have many shortcoming, so that blocks building, large panel building especially light weight frame system have great development.
With so many new building material appearance, the aerated concrete blocks take an important role.
The aerated concrete blocks image as follow:

aerated concrete blocks,light block aerated concrete blocks,light block

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