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difference between clc&aac blocks machine
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AAC blocks machine and clc light weight bricks machine, the manufacturing process and curing type are different. AAC blocks machine invest higher, its end-product need autoclave to high temperature and high pressure to steam curing, AAC blocks compressive strength is high. clc light weight bricks machine manufacturing process is simply, invest low, does not need autoclave curing, air curing and forming, its strength is lower than AAC blocks machine.
Brief introduce the AAC blocks machine and clc light weight bricks machine manufacture process and advantages.

clc light weight bricks machine manufacture process and advantages.

clc light weight bricks machine working principle: Cement, river sand, light weight aggregate , foam agent, and water as raw material, addition many kinds of others material, after science batching, fully mixture, mix and high pressure foaming to manufacture new type environmental friendly construction materials.
clc light weight bricks machine advantages:
1. clc light weight bricks is rich raw material, high wastage recycle, low cost, high profit.
2. Simple manufacturing process, easy operate. clc light weight bricks adopt foam powder and strength agent to make cement, fly ash, sand etc raw material combine, via physical aerated, make use of special equipment and mold to form, does not need autoclave curing.
3.clc light weight bricks with low requirement for the production condition, simple barrack as workshop, end-products is outside door, does not need warehouse, also have a low requirement for the labors.
4. Can invest both small and big, flexible production method, clc light weight bricks production line can star with little funds with small capacity, also can with large scale production line, can manufacture either with fixed plant, or mobile plant.

AAC blocks machine manufacture process and advantages.

AAC blocks manufacturing principle.
AAC blocks is with siliceous material (lime and cement ) as raw material, after raw material pouring, foaming expansion, cutting curing etc manufacturing process, to manufacture light weight, keep temperature, and heat insulation new type building material. With a history of more than 60 years, for light weight, good heat preservation features, is widely adopting in industrial and civil construction. So far, is the most mature new model production and application technology building material.

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