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steam autoclave brick
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The brick need high temperature and pressure curing with autoclave, is called steam autoclave brick.At present ,there are three kinds of bricks in the market, which need high temperature and pressure curing .today we will introduce the difference of these there kinds of bricks.

1, Autoclaved brick and lightweight brick, are finished hydrothermal reaction of Cao-Sio2-H2o in the large pressure vessel (autoclave),Forming a certain strength,these bricks applied to different places in the construction industry.
(1)Autoclaved brick
Advantages: a: high intensity; B: antifreeze; C: Strong alkali resistance; D: anti-aging; E: low price; F: directly used in the outer wall does not need to decorate;
Solid brick: 240 * 115 * 53; 190 * 90 * 53; 240 * 115 * 53; 190 * 90 * 53
Porous brick: 240 * 115 * 90; 190 * 90 * 90
the bricks image:
steam autoclaved brick,solid brick steam autoclaved brick,porous brick  
(2)light weight bricks
AAC blocks is with siliceous material (lime and cement ) as raw material, after raw material pouring, foaming expansion, cutting curing etc manufacturing process, to manufacture light weight, keep temperature, and heat insulation new type building material. For light weight, good heat preservation features, is widely adopting in industrial and civil construction. So far,is the most mature new model production and application technology building material.

2,cement bricks 
Cement bricks with steam curing is not many,as usually,cement bricks can up to requirements after natural dry.If the customers have a large quantity need or too much rain in the local,and want to reduce curing cycle,can adopt this kinds of steam curing way.

cement solid brick  cement hollow bricks
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