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The advantages of Temin brick machine
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Temin automatic hydraulic brick machine is the technical guarantee for the safety in production, the company "to the science and technology for the development, to the quality of survival, to serve for satisfaction" is business philosophy, to keep improving manufacturing process, to build temin and believes in product quality is the life of enterprise.
1, automatic hydraulic brick machine massiness is composed. Weight is beyond the domestic production models with 30% of the weight, shock absorption effect is remarkable,
2, vibration force is strong. Amplitude of 2 mm, vibration acceleration of 15 g, makes the material in 2 seconds rapid prototyping, cement fully liquefaction, in normal weight ratio conditions, block strength reach 10 mpa above
3, appearance meticulous amplifier, step layout, symmetrical distribution, elaborate manufacture every detail, visual effect is admirable;
4, adjustment extremely convenient. "Yu Gong" series block machine adopts the whole cabinet posture adjustment way, you need to rotate two screw and adjust proximity switch distance, can adjust the parameter;
5, automatic hydraulic brick machine adopts four rod guide way and cooperate with excellent long guide sleeve to ensure the pressure head and mould precise operation. The machine adopts thick wall super steel and special welding technology manufacturing, very strong resistance to vibration;
6, packing box adopts free oscillating guide to reduce mould load and achieve the best packing;
7, using 360 degrees of rotation and jitter independent fabrics mechanism, and thoroughly resolve porous brick and thin wall brick type blanking difficult problem, greatly improving products strength grade;
8, automatic hydraulic brick machine production products range is wide, it can produce thickness in 50-250 (mm) within the scope of the cement concrete products. Have independent a fabric system, can be arbitrary dismantling combination, easy to upgrade equipment;
"Temin" brand products and unremitting efforts, the main production DY1250, DY1100, DYS850, DYS430 hydraulic brick machine and aerated concrete block airspring automated production lines and other equipments. With high quality as the foundation, the products are sold to domestic more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to many countries and regions, the products are widely praised by customers. Excellent product quality is Temin commitment, and improve after-sales service and technical support is Temin aim! Sincerely welcome customers both at home and abroad to visit and guide! Our company specialized in  fly ash brick machine, hydraulic brick machine, AAC block equipment, avoid plate brick machine, welcome you to inquire brick making machine and equipment, welcome your visit, the article comes from http://www.brickmakingmachinetm.com for more details.


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