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Fly ash processing reuse can’t without mill
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Fly ash is divided into three levels, the corresponding fineness were different, and in some industries the fineness of fly ash has requirements, it is need to use the corresponding equipment put fly ash processing reuse. Domestic for fly ash processing recycle, mainly adopt mechanical grinding powder method, the fly ash was processed to a certain degree of fineness ,after that, these waste fly ash became industrial often materials, widely used in chemical, smelting industry, etc, the construction industry is the indispensable substitutes, in the industrial cement often add superfine fly ash powder to strengthen the characteristics of cement. At present domestic superfine pulverizing machine to carry on the processing of fly ash, superfine grinding machining fly ash ultrafine powder can produce  fineness for 300-3000 mesh, the output per hour can be as high as 5-15 tons. The superfine mill equipment is the most advanced micro powder of processing equipment, not only can be used as a fly ash powder processing production, also can be used for calcite, barite, limestone stone of ultrafine powder processing, but also calcium carbonate industry, talcum powder production industry, gesso line industries indispensable equipment.

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