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aerated autoclave concrete (AAC) block plant for building
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Product introduction we are professional manufacturer of complete set of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) block plant of 50,000-300,000 m³/year, including plant design, equipment installation, technical instruction, worker training etc., and also design and manufacture as per clients' requirement.

Autoclave aerated concrete (AAC) block production line included:
 Raw material: Cement, Lime, Sand ( fly ash), Gypsum, Aluminum powder, Water.
Specialized equipment includes: 1.Cutting equipment: tilting crane, cutter. 2. Proportioning equipment: electronic measuring scale, slurry beating machine, slurry storage tank, slurry mixer.3. Pouring and autoclave equipment: aluminum powder mixer. Pouring mixer, mould, side plate, steam curing cart, ferry cart.4. Conveying equipment: semi-product crane, end product crane.
Universal equipment includes1.Steam curing equipment: boiler, autoclave. 2. Crushing equipment: ball miller, crusher.3. Transportation equipment: crane, lifting machine, feeder, belt conveyor,  slurry pump, screw conveyor.4. Environment protects equipment: dust remover .

Technological process
all kinds of raw materials reserve positions → (2) to measure ingredients → (3) raw material mixing water mixed → (4) Mould prepared  →(5) pouring → (6) made calm stopped → (7) demoulding → ( 8) overturned, the level cutting, vertical cutting → (9) grouped into the autoclave → (10) high temperature and high pressure curing → (11) finished products → (12) finished testing → (13)packaging → (14) stacking storage → (15) Factory

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