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Market analysis of fly ash brick machine investment
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With the development of real estate and state policy, fly ash brick is more and more popular in the market. The raw material of new type fly ash brick is fly ash, lime as cementing material, adds some water, and little gypsum, sometimes also need to mix some fine aggregate.

After steam curing or autoclave curing, make the silicate and aluminum in fly ash, to react with lime and gypsum in the high temperature, change into calcium silicate concrete. With the features of high compressive strength, stable performance, tidy shape, and easy workable etc.

Now some old brick factory begin to new model development system, step by step with new type fly ash brick machine to replace solid clay brick production line, and rotary type press brick machine. New type fly ash brick machine end products, no matter in quality or appearance, the other construction wall  material can not be comparted with it.

So far in the market, there are not so many manufacturer of new type fly ash brick machinery equipment, if you want to invest such fly ash brick equipment, had better directly go to factory to check the equipments, and learn fly ash brick machine quality performance. We will give you the reasonable suggestion combined with your raw material, and help you to design a investment scheme, in order to your better investment.

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