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cement bricks making machine price
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We have introduced some common specifications of the cement bricks and how to calculate the cost a few days ago. Today we will introduce the cement bricks making machine price.And this is an issue of concern to the many friends.

The production capacity is the determining factor of cement bricks making machines.The higher the production capacity, the higher the price.The lower the production capacity, the lower the price.
Our cement bricks making machines include the full-automatic type,such as QTY10-15、QTY8-15、QTY6-15、QTY4-15
etc.The semi-automatic type,such as QTJ4-25、QTJ4-26、QTJ4-40、QTJ4-35B etc.

With the full-automatic QTY10-15 cement brick machine,its theory daily production capacity can reach to 115,200 bricks/day (standard bricks) ,and 24,000 bricks/day (hollow bricks).The price of a full set equipment is around 50,000$. With the Semi-automatic QTY4-25 cement brick machine,its theory daily production capacity is 37,000 bricks/day (standard bricks) ,and 6,000 to 7,000 bricks/day (hollow bricks).And the price is around 13,333$.

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