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The physical and chemical properties of fly ash
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Many brick making customers near the power plant choose fly ash as the raw material,for its large quantity,low cost and excellent quality.Zhengzhou Temin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd as a professional brick machine factory will introduce the physical and chemical properties of fly ash.

1、The physical properties of fly ash
The physical properties of fly ash include density, packing  density, fineness, specific surface area, water requirement etc.These properties are macro reflection of its chemical composition and mineral constituents.Because of the large range of fly ash, which determines the differences in their physical properties are also great.

basic physical properties of fly ash, the range and average:

(1)density/(g/cm3) 1.9~2.9 ;            average 2.1
(2)packing density/(g/cm3) 0.531~1.261; average 0.780
(3)specific surface area(cm2/g):
nitrogen adsotption (or BET) 800~19500  average 3400
air permeability method 1180~6530       average 3300
(4)fly ash standard density/% 37~85     average 66
(5)water requirement/% 89~130           average 106
(6)28d compressive strength ratio/% 37~85 average 66
The fineness and grain size are important items of fly ash physical properties.They influence the other properties of fly ash directly.The finer fly ash and the larger proportion  are, the greater activity is. Fly ash fineness has an effect on early hydration effect ,then chemical composition effects the later reaction.

2、The chemical properties of fly ash
Fly ash is a kind of mixed material which is from artificial volcano ash.It is little or no hydraulic binder, but when present in powder and water,it can react with Ca(OH)2 and other alkaline earth hydroxide under ordinary conditions,especially under hydrothermal treatment (steam curing)conditions.This reaction brings a hydraulic binder compound which can improve strength and durability of material.

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