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lime-sand (fly ash) steam autoclave brick
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There are two kinds of brick making technology for lime-sand (fly ash) steam autoclave bricks:
1、lime-sand autoclave brick and fly ash brick:which raw material(lime, fly ash, slag, tailings sand etc.) contains SiO2 as material. After mixed with lime and water, compaction forming through high pressure steam curing process .Possessing of the good qualities on high strength, stable performance, neat appearance, convenient construction etc.
2、sand aerated brick and fly ash aerated brick: aerated concrete is with siliceous material (lime and cement ) as raw material, after raw material pouring, foaming expansion, cutting curing and other manufacturing process, to make a new type building material which is light-weight and thermal insulation.

Pictures of lime-sand bricks and fly ash autoclaved bricks:

                                lime-sand (fly ash) steam autoclave bricks

 some specifications of aerated concrete blocks as follow:

lime-sand (fly ash) steam autoclave bricks,aac

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