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hollow blocks making machine and types
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Brick machines can make hollow bricks in different specifications by changing mould during bricks making. Therefore,the machine which makes hollow bricks is called hollow blocks machine. Generally,the production of hollow brick uses sandstone, sand, fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, tailings, ceramsite, perlite as raw material.

The main structure of the china hollow blocks machine as follow:

(1)material layout:making the hopper material into mould;
(2)body frame: support all the parts of the equipment and bearing the pressure of molding;
(3)hopper:Storage of materials;
(4)pressure head :adding forming pressure and it is helpful to demould during working time;
(5)plate supply: transport plates;
(6)lifting work table:for bricks transport and vibration;
(7)control cabinet:to control the equipment systerm;
(8)brick transmission:  transport the forming bricks on the workbench.

According to the different techniques used, the hollow blocks machine is divided into different categories,such as hydraulic hollow machine,full-auto hollow machine,baking-free brick machine and so on.

The main type of china temin hollow blocks machine as follow:
10-15 ,8-15 ,6-15 ,4-15 hollow blocks machine;
4-25 semi-auto hydraulic hollow blocks machine;
4-26 semi-auto hollow blocks machine;
4-40 small-sized hollow brick machine.

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