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AAC block plant flow chart
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AAC Blocks also known as autoclaved cellular concrete( ACC ) or autoclaved lightweight concrete.It is a lightweight, precast building material that simultaneously provides structure, insulation, and fire and mold resistance.
Now we will introduce the aac block plant production process.AAC block plant flow chart AAC block plant flow chart
1.raw material preparation
①Raw materials should be inspected before into the plant,After confirming the quality, can be used.Cement and lime storage should prevent from moisture,and the dry powder should prevent from fire and explosion.
②raw material prcparations: after lime and gypsum block is broken, with a dry mill grinding, and sand with wet mill grinding.
2.batching and pouring
①Batching and pouring is the most important process step of aerated concrete.Process parameters must be well controlled .
②Strictly control the feeding order and stirring time.
③The casting tube must extend into the bottom of the mould and should be embedded into the slurry.
3.curing and cutting
After pouring,the car was sent to the curing room for curing.
Specific requirements :Temperature: 500℃; Time: 1-1.5hrs
After aerated concrete internal center is freezed(strength:0.007-0.05Mpa),then cutting them on the platform.At the same time,operators should clean and oil the mould frame.
4.autoclaved and finished products
①Heating stage,put the steam car into the autoclave and pumping vacuum. Heating time:1.5-2hrs
②Uniform temperature stage:keep uniform temperature at the highest temperature which curing requires.The time has a great influence on the products, different products have different uniform temperature time.
③Cooling stage:Cooling can not be too fast, if the coling is too fast, will affect the product mechanism and product strength. Cooling is also not too slow,it will also affect the product strength and yield. The general cooling time is 100 minutes.When the pressure reduces to 0, opening the door, and pulled the car out,then the next cycle time begins.

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