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how to set fly ash brick plant
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Recently, with the development of economic,city construction requirement,economy applicable housing and affordable development trend in China,the fly ash plant is the development trend. Fly ash bricks (blocks) is popular in construction market, becoming a new ideal products.

How to set fly ash brick plant?And what knowledge and skills should we master?

Firstly,the investment of a brick plant should consider the plant position,raw material ,fly ash brick machine and production line etc.

The raw material of new type fly ash brick is fly ash, lime as cementing material, adding some water, and little gypsum, sometimes also need to mix some fine aggregate.

Fly ash autoclaved brick production line equipment includes: mixer, digestion machine, steam pressure brick machine, roller mill, autoclave and other major equipment and box type feeder machine, screw conveyor, climb bucket, aggregate says,belt conveyor, maintenance, curing car etc equipments.

We are professional manufacturer of complete fly ash set ,including plant design, equipment installation, technical instruction, worker training etc., and also design and manufacture as per clients' requirement.Welcome to visit our factory.

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